Key Strategies

Molecular Surveillance

Identifying clusters or outbreaks of HIV transmission and responding appropriately with enhanced testing, prevention, and care services are critical components of ending the HIV epidemic.

DC Health will enhance its HIV cluster detection and response work by conducting the following activities:

  • Assess the timeliness and completeness of molecular cluster detection.
  • Use continuous quality improvement techniques to improve the timeliness of molecular cluster detection by addressing lab-related delays in receipt of molecular HIV sequences and delays in internal processing of molecular HIV sequences.
  • Establish a Cluster Response Committee to review cluster data and make plans to tailor HIV prevention, testing, and care and treatment services based on the findings.
  • Enhance engagement with planning bodies and community stakeholders on messages and approaches to HIV cluster detection and response.
  • Collaborate with the Maryland Department of Health and Virginia Department of Health to evaluate and enhance the regional approach to HIV cluster detection and response.

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