Key Strategies


When HIV-positive individuals reach viral suppression, they can no longer transmit HIV to a sex partner. As more individuals living with HIV become virally suppressed, the rate of new infections will go down. While this strategy — known as “Undetectable = Untransmittable” or “U=U” — has been proved effective, this message has not yet been adopted by the general public.

DC Health will assess both individuals and providers to a get a sense of the acceptability of U=U as well as rapid ART initiation. With new insight on acceptability, DC Health can redesign and relaunch the U=U campaign with updated messaging. To ensure the effectiveness of a refreshed U=U campaign, we will undertake the following activities:   

  • Assess knowledge and acceptability of U=U among individuals in DC, including an assessment of who may not be aware of U=U.
  • Assess provider messaging and attitudes regarding U=U. 
  • Revise U=U messaging in tandem with rapid ART, creating a message that supports both initiatives.
  • Engage public and private providers on message development.
  • Expand provider education on U=U through roundtable discussions and informational materials.
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